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Our Ship is Currently Closed for the Season

We will begin running again in May of 2020

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We are now taking applications for our 2020 season.
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Welcome aboard

Experience Erie’s role in the War of 1812 firsthand. Venture onto Presque Isle Bay and tour key historical locations:

Cascade Creek Inlet • Dobbins Landing
Misery Bay • Perry’s Monument

and more!

Live narration

We don’t leave you guessing! Knowledgeable guides identify and describe points of interest while they supply enlightening information about the area’s  history.

The Past Comes To Life

Learning history has never been this fun!
Take part in  on-board activities (including water cannon battles) and feel what it was like to be a sailor on a tall ship at war.

U.S.S. Ariel

Constructed in 1813 at Erie, Pennsylvania, the U.S.S. Ariel was made for war and had a reputation for speed. During the Battle of Lake Erie, the Ariel led the fleet into battle along with the Scorpion.

U.S. Ariel

The modern U.S. Ariel is a 40′ Dyer, powered by a single Norpro/Isuzu 125 hp diesel. It has 18 water cannons, is U.S. Coast Guard certified, and is equipped with the latest lifesaving equipment.

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